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Patient and visitors As a patient

As a Patient

When necessary, your own health center, occupational health care or private practice physician will refer you to Kuopio University Hospital for treatment or tests. The hospital will book the appointment and send an invitation letter to your home address, giving the date and time and explaining where you should register. Usually the letter also includes background questionnaire. If the visit requires preparations, such as a 12-hour period of fasting, instructions for this will be included in the letter.

If the time does not suit you, please cancel it as soon as possible. This allows us to give the appointment to someone else. Appointments that have not been cancelled may also be invoiced.

Visit to the Emergency Department

Kuopio University Hospital Emergency Department operates around the clock. During the night, the GP Emergency Clinic also serves the residents of other municipalities that have signed an emergency care contract. At the Emergency Department, patients are cared for according to urgency and no referral is necessary. The Emergency Department is only intended for patients who need emergency care.

Instructions for visitors

Diseases and treatments can weaken a patient's resistance, so the prevention of infections is an important part of treatment. The most effective method of preventing infections is proper hand hygiene by the patients, staff and family members. Common areas and patient rooms have instructions on hand hygiene, and wash basins and hand disinfectant are provided.
Kuopio University Hospital is a non-smoking hospital. Patients may only smoke in designated places,  but we encourage patients not to smoke at all during their treatment. Alcohol and illegal drugs may not be brought into the hospital.
The hospital staff are bound by confidentiality. We will not disclose patient information without the patient's permission, not even to family members. However, if the patient is unable to make decisions regarding his or her matters, patient information will be given to the next of kin. If the patient does not wish for family members or friends to know about the hospital visit, this should be made clear in advance or mentioned during registration.
Patients should have a contact person to pass on information about the patient to family and friends.