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Kuopio University Hospital makes it easy for you to develop in your work and advance your career. Finland's most modern hospital was completed in the Puijo Hospital area in 2015.

Despite its size, Kuopio University Hospital is a comfortable, familiar, and safe working environment. The hospital's excellent atmosphere supports staff competence and reinforces their ability to cope with the task in hand. This is essential for the hospital's most important task – providing first-class patient care.

Kuopio University Hospital is always on the lookout for competent employees for permanent and fixed-term employment. In particular, posts are available for nurses and specialising physicians, but also for other health care professionals.

Kuopio University Hospital also employs health care industry professionals who have moved to Finland from abroad. Employees responsible for treating patients must have a good command of the Finnish language. Language training and other measures are in place to aid the development of language skills and adjusting to life in Finland. More information on job opportunities is available on request from Kuopio University Hospital's recruitment services.

Kuopio University Hospital

  • Provides care services in all speciality fields
  • Caters for job induction and further training – with easy access to continued studies at the nearby University of Eastern Finland
  • Develops leadership through tailored training
  • Offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for researchers
  • Promotes well-being through leisure activities, rehabilitation leave, an industrial safety system, and occupational health care
  • Pays for the home care of a sick child in the case of sudden illness if the father or mother needs to come to work

Medical students

All medical students who wish to have some practical training at the Kuopio University Hospital are taken only through the official exchange programs organized by the University.

Please contact first the International Office at your home university to find out if there is an exchange agreement (e.g Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus/Nordlys, North‐South‐South, Bilateral Agreement) between the University of Eastern Finland and your home university. We  want to point out that at this moment new agreements are not considered.

The International Office of your home university is aware about the formalities of the applying process. It is very important that your own university first nominates you for the possible exchange. Thereafter you’ll get access to our online application tool and you are able to complete the application process at the University of Eastern Finland.  
Please note that there is a limited amount of training positions available at the hospital. And also note that these exchange students are not allowed to do regular courses at the University of Eastern Finland.

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has an online application tool for student exchange. Coordinators at partner universities (from your home university) first nominate the candidates for student exchange at UEF by sending an e-mail to International Mobility Services ( After nomination of the partner university International Student Services (UEF) will create usernames and send them to the applicants by e-mail. Then applicants can log in to the system and fill in the online application form.

You can see more information here -> Medicine (clinical) Kuopio or


Professionals Recruitment contact info

Please feel free to contact us

Seija Mononen
Development Manager / Personnel
tel. (+358) 44 717 4848
Administrative tasks,
general recruitment issues,
recruitment development

Taija Hujanen
tel. (+358) 44 717 5113
Recruitment: Nurses and nursing students

Tuulikki Tähtivaara
tel. (+358) 44 717 6056
Recruitment: Nursing and secretarial services

Minna Saihomaa
tel. (+358) 44 717 6794
Recruitment: Doctors and other professional groups

Tarja Hartikainen
Secretary, Recruitment
tel. (+358) 44 717 2127
Recruitment: Practical Nurses