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In most cases, visiting hours at the hospital wards are not restricted. Support provided by family members and those close to you promote recovery. However, the patient rooms are small, so we kindly ask that only a few people visit the patient at a time.

Visits should be avoided on the day of any procedures. Furthermore, visitors with the flu or recently in contact with any other infectious disease should not enter the hospital.

  • Mobile phones may be used in the hospital.
  • Please attend to careful hand hygiene in the wards. Wash basins and disinfectant are provided in the hospital corridors.
  • Kuopio University Hospital is a non-smoking hospital. Smoking in the hospital area is only allowed in separately indicated areas.
  • The hospital staff are bound by confidentiality. We will not give out patient information without the patient's permission, not even to family members. However, if the patient is unable to make decisions regarding his or her matters, patient information will be given to family members.
  • Patients should have a contact person to pass information about the patient to other family members and friends.
  • Guest rooms are located approximately 400 metres from Puijo Hospital. These rooms, which are subject to a charge, are intended for family members and research patients for short-term accommodation. The rooms can be booked and keys collected from Puijo Hospital customer service.