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Professionals Job opportunities for physicians

Job Opportunities for Physicians

Kuopio University Hospital employs nearly 700 physicians. The atmosphere at any university hospital is fresh and open to development. Kuopio University Hospital is no exception, and is an excellent place to work, thanks to modern premises, the latest equipment, outstanding training possibilities, and a competent working community. As a teaching hospital, it also trains the top experts of the future.

The new hospital was completed in Kuopio in 2015, including the largest surgical department in Europe. Modern facilities and equipment enable the use of the latest methods and models. There are also innovative simulation facilities available for staff training.

Kuopio University Hospital is a community of top experts where competence is highly valued. The recommended salary for physicians is among the highest in university hospitals.

Professionals Job opportunities for physicians we offer oikea palsta

We offer

  • Up-to-date premises, modern equipment
  • Job opportunities in all specialities
  • A competitive salary
  • Excellent induction to job tasks
  • Versatile opportunities for further training and postgraduate education
  • A social and teaching-friendly atmosphere
  • Skilled colleagues and a pleasant work community