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What do to if prehospital emergency care is needed?

If you suspect or detect a health-related emergency, please call 112 to notify the emergency services. Ambulances cannot be called directly.

How to help us to provide aid?

Knowing the right way to make an emergency call and providing first aid are a civic duty. The Emergency Response Center will provide instructions on how to give first aid during the emergency call, and may ask the person calling to guide the prehospital emergency personnel to the site. In such cases, follow the instructions of the Emergency Response Center.

Where is help coming from?

The Emergency Response Center processes the emergency call according to national instructions and, based on map positioning, sends in the nearest ambulance.
Depending on the nature and location of the task, the Emergency Response Center will, if necessary, also alert the nearest first response unit from its station or another ambulance.
Prehospital emergency care operations are regional and all ambulances are available for the whole Pohjois-Savo area.

In some cases, the quickest aid in an emergency is provided by an ambulance returning to its station.
In extremely critical situations, the Emergency Response Center will also alert a specialist in prehospital emergency care who can arrive on site either by car or helicopter.

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Contact Information

In Case of Emergency

tel. 112
How to use the emergency number?

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