Kysteri is a primary health care enterprise of seven municipalities, including Leppävirta, Kaavi, Rautavaara, Pielavesi, Keitele, Tervo and Vesanto. Kysteri produces primary health care services and institutional care services for the elderly for almost 30,000 residents. Home health care is the municipalities' responsibility.

Primary health care services include

  • Doctor's and nurse's practices and Emergency Department
  • Treatment at the inpatient ward
  • Prenatal clinic operations
  • Mental health services
  • Physical and speech therapy
  • Oral health care

Three service units

Kysteri municipalities form three regional service units.

  • The Nilakka service unit: Keitele, Pielavesi, Tervo and Vesanto
  • The North-East Savo service unit: Kaavi and Rautavaara
  • The Leppävirta service unit: Leppävirta

Their operations have been divided into neighbouring, regional and local services. Neighbouring services include child health clinics, oral health care and physician's emergency practice on weekdays. Regional services include evening and weekend emergency services, radiographic examinations and operations of the health center hospitals. In turn, local services include emergency dental services at weekends and during holidays.

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