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The Kuopio University Hospital District Municipal Federation is managed and led by a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the member municipalities. The Board of Directors is selected by a council that holds the highest decision-making power in the municipal federation.

The Administrative Center operates under the municipal federation's Board of Directors and is led by the CEO of the hospital district. Operations are directed by the municipal federation's strategy, financial and action plans, regulations and other common instructions and principles.

The hospital district staff participate actively in the planning and development of their workplace activities. The municipal federation co-operates with the University of Eastern Finland and other universities and educational institutions in arranging and developing teaching and scientific research.

Three service areas are in charge of the municipal federation's operations, and these are further divided into service units:

  • The Administrative Center takes care of the municipal federation's management and administrative tasks under the federation's Board of Directors.
  • Hospital Services, comprising all the core functions of patient work. Hospital also provides the services needed in patient care, such as imaging and pathology examinations, rehabilitation and physiology services and anaesthesia and operating theatre activities. Hospital also arranges prehospital emergency care, emergency care, intensive care and pharmaceutical care services.
  • Kysteri is a primary health care enterprise that arranges primary health care services in the municipalities of Leppävirta, Kaavi, Rautavaara, Pielavesi, Keitele, Tervo, and Vesanto. Kuopio University Hospital District is responsible for arranging municipal primary health care and institutional care for the elderly.