Assistive Technology Device Service Center

Assistive Technology Device Service Center provides assessment, guidance and lending services for assistive technology devices to enable person's ability of functioning and participation.

Assistive Technology Devices include

  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Environmental control units
  • Communication devices
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Bi-level airway pressure ventilators
  • Reusable assistive technology devices for the daily living and mobility of 0-16-year-olds

Patients need a referral for an assessment. The Kuopio University Hospital district has agreed on common grounds for the availability of assistive technology devices. In addition, the Assistive Technology Device Service Center organizes regional guidance and negotiation sessions and acts as expertise resource for hospital district's healthcare centers and other partners.

Contact Information

Assistive Technology Device Service Center

Visiting address:

KYS 4981 Apuvälinepalvelut
Leväsentie 3, C-ovi                                                                             
70700 Kuopio 

Mailing address:

KYS 4981 Apuvälinepalvelut
PL 100
70029 KYS

tel. (+358) 44 717 5709, (+358) 44 717 4313