Anaesthesia Unit

The anaesthesia and surgical units at Kuopio University Hospital perform even the most demanding procedures in all fields of specialised medical care, with the exception of organ transplants. Over 300 professionals perform approximately 25,000 procedures every year. Thanks to the round-the-clock emergency service, patients receive treatment whenever the situation requires it. Nearly a quarter of all procedures are performed on an emergency basis.

Most procedures are planned in advance, and the patient is admitted to the procedure unit directly from home or via the inpatient ward. The anaesthesiologist studies the patient history form filled in by the patient, the procedure plan, and any underlying diseases in advance. Based on this information, the anaesthesiologist determines whether an appointment with the patient is required before the procedure.

Any underlying medical conditions are treated so that they are as stable as possible, and further examinations may also be made if necessary. A decision is made with respect to the continuation of home medication, and any risks related to the surgery are discussed with the patient.  

The treatment of post-operative pain is planned already before the procedure.  Preoperative planning also covers the monitoring of the patient during surgery, and whether the immediate phase after the surgery is handled in the recovery room or in the intensive care unit. Treatment of labour pain, and procedures related to pain management are the responsibility of the anaesthesia unit. Anaesthesia services are also used for examinations and procedures performed outside the operating room. This has become more common over the last few years.

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Anaesthesia Unit
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