Diagnostic Imaging Center

The Diagnostic Imaging Center performs diagnostic studies and therapeutic measures guided by imaging. Examinations at the Center require a referral from a doctor.

We produce studies for clinical physiology and nuclear medicine, clinical neurophysiology, clinical pathology and clinical radiology.

We also offer an imaging archive and actively take part in training and research in our fields.

The Diagnostic Imaging Center has 227 employees and conducts approximately 174,000 studies annually. Close co-operation with all specialities is at the core of our operations.

Contact Information

Puijo Hospital, building 3, floor 3
P.O. Box 100
FI 70029 KYS

Hanna Mussalo
Chief of Diagnostic Imaging Center, Chief Physician
tel. (+358) 44 711 3276

Annmari Kainulainen
Director of Nursing
tel. (+358) 44 711 3932

Sinikka Venäläinen
Secretary, administration
tel. (+358) 44 717 5824