Pet Radiopharmacy

Positron emission tomography (PET) is one of the most important methods in today´s molecular imaging. Molecules are labeled with positron-emitting radioactive atoms and used to visualize biochemical and physiological processes in living organisms.

PET diagnostics are increasingly important tools on the path to personalized medicine. The PET radiopharmacy at Kuopio University Hospital was established in 2016 in collaboration with the Hospital district, University of Eastern Finland and local companies.

PET radiopharmacy is located at Kuopio University Hospital (Building 7, R-door, 2nd floor), Kuopio, Finland. The laboratory is part of the Diagnostic Imaging Center and the clinical production of radiopharmaceuticals is controlled by Hospital Pharmacy.

Productions process strictly follows the law of medicinal agency and GMP-protocols to ensure the finest quality and safety for the patients.



Contact Information

Head of Diagnostic Imaging Center
Hanna Mussalo, MD, Docent
+358 44 711 3279

For research & industry collaboration
Tracers and preclinical collaboration
Pekka Poutiainen, PhD
+358 44 717 2007

Antti Mali, Radiochemist
+358 44 717 9708