Infra, Equipment and Facility

GE Healthcare PETtrace 860 cyclotron can accelerate high energy protons or deuterons and it is currently used to produce 18F (half-life of 110min), 11C (20min), 15O (2min). In addition, a generator is in place to produce 68Ga (68min) on demand.

The production facility consists of a cleanroom laboratory (class C) for GMP production of radiopharmaceuticals with four syntheses hot cells (Comecer) carrying three (3) FASTlab (GE Healthcare) automated synthesizers (for 11C, 18F and 68Ga) and Tracerlab FX2-C (GE Healthcare) for labeling with 11C isotope. Two automated dispensing systems are installed (Clio and Theodorico, Comecer) to ensure the finest quality of the product and allowing the patient specific dispensing directly in to vials, syringes or infusion cartridges when needed.

Right next to the Cleanroom area there is a laboratory with two hot cells for development of radiopharmaceuticals. Experimental laboratory is equipped with FASTlab2 synthesizer (GE Healthcare).

Each product batch undergoes comprehensive quality control, ensuring that the quality meets the specifications for maximum safety for the patients.