Physiology and Nuclear Medicine

Clinical physiology and nuclear medicine provide high-quality examination and treatment with patient-oriented approach. Dedicated and competent staff, up-to-date information and sophisticated equipment guarantee safe and timely examination and treatment for the patient.

Clinical physiology examines person’s vital functions, their regulation and dysfunction. Examinations are necessary to detect common public diseases, such as asthma and coronary heart disease as well as for the diagnostics, monitoring and assessment of effectiveness of treatment in many less common conditions. Clinical physiology examinations are also used to determine patients’ operation and procedure risks and ability to work.  

Nuclear medicine studies, among other things, the bones, cerebral circulation and neurotransmitter activity, and blood circulation of the heart. In an examination, slightly radioactive drug is administered intravenously and its distribution recorded. Various types of hybrid imaging are performed with the help of two SPET/CT cameras or PET/CT device. Also gamma imaging and bone density tests are performed. Some of the tracers, or radiopharmaceuticals, used in the examinations are prepared for use in a cleanroom and some produced at the radiopharmacy laboratory in Säde Hospital of Kuopio University Hospital. Also by third-party suppliers produce radiopharmaceuticals.

Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine is the most significant research centre in the region of Eastern Finland.  In addition to patient care, the unit conducts a lot of scientific and clinical research together with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The unit cooperates closely also with educational institutions, such as Savonia University of Applied Sciences among others. The unit provides timely training both for the personnel and cooperation partners.

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Physiology and Nuclear Medicine
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