Physiology and Nuclear Medicine

Clinical physiology is a medical speciality that examines and measures the functions and disturbances of the body using a range of measurements. Examination targets include the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the gastro-intestinal tract.

Nuclear medicine examines the skeletal system, cerebral circulation, and neurotransmitter function, as well as cardiac circulation. In the examinations, an intravenous infusion of a mildly radioactive agent is administered to the patient, after which the distribution of this agent is scanned.

A PET-CT device can scan the patient's metabolism with particular precision. It can be used to monitor the success of cancer therapies, for example. In addition, radioactive medicinal agents can be used to treat various diseases. Minor amounts of radiation are not harmful to the patient or the environment.

A referral from a physician is needed for all of the examinations. Patients will receive a letter with details of the appointment and instructions on how to prepare for the examination.

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Physiology and Nuclear Medicine
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