Information for the patient

At the Heart Center, cardiac patients always receive professional and individual treatment.

The majority of the Heart Center patients are treated at outpatient clinics, cardiologic unit and at cardiac wards. Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery patients are treated at the cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery ward.

Coming in for Treatment

Half of the patients are admitted to the Heart Center based on a non-emergency referral. Referred patients receive an invitation letter with instructions on how to prepare for the visit. Registration takes place at the ward or outpatient clinic mentioned in the invitation letter. Urgent emergency cases are referred directly from the Emergency Department to the ward.

Patients who do not need inpatient care are examined and treated at the outpatient clinics. To ensure that there is as much information available as possible for making further treatment plans, various examinations are often done prior to the visit to the outpatient clinic. On average, a visit to the outpatient clinic takes less than an hour.

Elective patients are discharged from the cardiac ward on the day of the examination or the following day. The average treatment time at the acute cardiac ward is four days. After a cardiac operation, the patient is usually discharged after four to five days, or transferred to another hospital for further treatment.