Epilepsy Center

The Epilepsy Center offers diagnostics and treatment of difficult epilepsy for adults and children. This center of excellence combines expertise in several specialist fields. Specialist services include intracranial EEGs and epilepsy surgery.

High-level scientific research and active training and development efforts guarantee the quality of the Epilepsy Center's activities. The Center's operations include

  • Specifying the diagnosis and cause of the epilepsy
  • Defining the epilepsy seizure type and syndrome
  • Diagnostics of non-epileptic seizure symptoms
  • Seeking medication in accordance with the specified diagnosis and assessing its adverse effects
  • Planning treatment during pregnancy
  • Assessing the possibilities for surgical or stimulator therapy and treatment
  • Clinical trials with new medications
  • Planning of occupational rehabilitation, working and driving capacity assessments when problems arise

A referral from a physician is required for an appointment at the Epilepsy Center, except for those patients coming from abroad and paying themselves.

Contact Information

Epilepsy Center/Neurology Outpatient Clinic B3254
tel. (+358) 17 173 005
fax (+358) 17 172 628
Director, Professor Reetta Kälviäinen
Specialist Doctor Leena Jutila
Nurse Virpi Alajääskö
Puijo Hospital, C, floor 5
Kuopio, Finland