Research and Teaching

KUH Neuro Center conducts active, internationally high-level research on various brain disorders in co-operation with the University of Eastern Finland. Training for a doctoral degree is provided in neurological research groups that collaborate with the Clinical Research School of the University of Eastern Finland. Research focuses on

Basic medical studies and specialist training

The Neuro Center provides clinical neurological education (neurology, neurosurgery, clinical neurophysiology) as part of the basic medical studies at the University of Eastern Finland. In accordance with specialising instructions of the University of Eastern Finland, the Neuro Center trains specialists in neurology and neurosurgery. All specialising physicians have their own tutor and a systematic induction period at the beginning of and during the specialising period. The Neurology Clinic has been awarded a special commendation in the national specialist training audits.

Contact Information

Pekka Jäkälä
Director, Professor, Chief Physician
tel. (+358) 44 717 9324

Reetta Kälviäinen
Director, Professor
Epilepsy Center

Anne Koivisto
Director, Professor

Juha E Jääskeläinen
Professor, Chief Physician
p. (+358) 44 717 4660