First days after delivery

Baby friendliness forms the starting point for treatment of newborns and mothers. During their stay at the maternity ward, families are supported in building up their resources and independence. Care is planned on a family-specific basis, so that the entire family feels safe in the hospital and after being discharged.

Skin contact is a natural condition for a newborn and has many positive impacts on the recovery of the mother and baby from the delivery. Mothers should continue keeping their baby in skin contact at the ward, and later, at home.

Newborn babies stay next to their mothers around the clock. As the purpose of rooming-in is to support and secure a good start in life for the new family member, the mother and baby are separated only for medical reasons. Parents learn to recognise and respond to the baby's needs faster, and develop their abilities to care for and breastfeed the baby.

Breastfeeding instruction

Breastfeeding instruction is available to mothers around the clock. After the first day, the newborn begins to breastfeed more frequently, eight to twelve times a day. Nurses on the ward have been through breastfeeding instructor training, and support the family in the breastfeeding and initiation of lactation.

Being discharged and visits

On average, mothers stay on the ward for two to three days. They can be discharged early, 24 to 48 hours after the delivery, if everything has gone smoothly, and certain criteria regarding the mother and the newborn are met.

The ward does not have specific visiting times. Fathers and siblings are welcome to visit the ward at any time. Other visitors are welcome to visit the mother outside the ward and see the baby through the ward glass door. This practice ensures that families can enjoy the first moments in peace and the babies' infection risk is decreased.

Contact Information

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