Women in Labour

Women coming to the hospital from home are admitted to the labour ward for an assessment of whether the labour has started. Mothers-to-be will be designated a midwife during each shift with whom they can share their hopes and expectations, and who will update their birthing plan. Together with their midwife, women in labour can plan non-drug or medicinal pain relief suited to their needs at each stage of the delivery.

Family-oriented and baby friendly

Each delivery room is equipped with a toilet and a shower. One of the rooms also has a bath tub that can be used for pain relief during the first stage of labour. Treatment during labour is family-oriented and baby friendly, and is based on the wishes of the mother, but at the same time, makes use of modern monitoring devices. One support person can be present at the birth.

After the delivery

The acute ward attends to the family for two to three hours after the delivery. Similarly, they care for mothers who have had a caesarean section. Once the baby is born, his or her condition is checked. After this, the mother receives the baby by her side to keep warm. The first breastfeeding takes place in the delivery room. If necessary, the midwife gives breastfeeding advice to the family.

After birth, the baby's weight, temperature and head circumference are measured. In addition, all newborns receive a vitamin K injection. Early interaction is important, and parents are supported in creating the first contact with the newborn. The parents can hold the baby and get to know the new member of the family in peace.

The mother may take a shower if her condition permits, and the family is served coffee to celebrate the birth. After that, the family transfers to the maternity ward.

Contact Information

Women's Acute Ward (2303)
Puijo Hospital, Kaari Hospital, K, floor 2
tel. (+358) 17 172 361 / 17 173 817

Visiting the maternity ward
The maternity ward is situated in the main building, s-lobby, 6 th floor