Department of Paediatrics

For children and adolescents, time spent in hospital is a memorable and significant event in life. Irrespective of the treatment time, having a pleasant stay in the hospital and something to do to pass the time play a significant role in recovery and how children and their families remember the hospital stay and the treatment provided.

The Department of Paediatrics provides high-quality treatment for its patients, taking into account the special needs of child patients and their families.

The multidisciplinary personnel of the Department of Paediatrics have specialist skills in the examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of paediatric and adolescent diseases. The Department also cares for child patients whose treatment requires the specialist expertise found in a university hospital.

Contact Information

Puijo Hospital, building 6, floor 5
P.O. Box 100, 70029 KYS, Finland

Administration, child psychiatry
Kaartokatu 9, Kuopio
Building B2, floor 2
P.O. Box 100, 70029 KYS, Finland