Haematology and Oncology

With its expert approach and solid expertise, the center of excellence for paediatric haematological diseases and other malignant diseases cares for children suffering from leukaemia, solid tumours, or other serious blood diseases. Paediatric leukaemias are treated according to Nordic recommendations, and other cancers according to disease-specific international clinical guidelines. Even by international comparison, the treatment results are excellent.

Our areas of expertise are

  • Stem cell transplants that enable the use of high-dose cytotoxic chemotherapy on children suffering from a disease that requires a higher dose of the drugs than normal to overcome the disease.
  • The Paediatric haemophilia centre of the Kuopio University Hospital district – diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of severe bleeding disorders and thrombosis.

Safety with co-operation

When a child develops cancer, successful treatment always requires close co-operation between the parents and the multidisciplinary working group. Paediatric patients are provided the best care available while supporting the well-being and coping of the entire family.

Contact Information

Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 2403
tel. (+358) 17 172 442
Puijo Hospital, D, floor 5