Neonatal Intensive Care

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit cares for newborn babies and infants aged less than one year who require intensive care or special observation. The majority of the infants treated on the ward are born prematurely.

Intensive care involves the monitoring and support of vital functions with equipment and medication. Patients are admitted to the ward from the delivery room and maternity wards, as well as other hospitals and emergency clinics of the hospital district.

Each child has his or her own nurses and physician. A multidisciplinary team guarantees the best possible care for the patient. In addition to a physiotherapist, psychologist and a social worker, a paediatric surgeon, paediatric neurologist and a paediatric radiologist visit the ward regularly, among others.

Parents are involved in their children's care right from the beginning. Their presence plays a significant role in the child's recovery. The idea is for parents to spend as much time as possible at the ward, which is equipped with a rest area for parents. Siblings and grandparents are also welcome to visit the ward as agreed. The new facilities finished in 2015. Each baby and family has their own room where the parents can care for their child round-the-clock.

Contact Information

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 2406
Puijo Hospital, Kaari Hospital, K; floor 2

Ward Secretary tel. (+358) 17 172 462 / (+358) 44 717 4562 (call these numbers on weekdays)

Nurses tel. (+358) 17 172 466 (call this number at nights and weekends)

Head of Department
tel. (+358) 17 172 464

Head Nurse
tel. (+358) 17 172 467