Kuopio Psychiatry Center

The outpatient care and outpatient rehabilitation services of the Kuopio Psychiatry Center are intended for 20 to 64-year-old citizens of Kuopio, and other patients and rehabilitees in the Kuopio University Hospital district. The patient's own health centre is the primary place of treatment.  In acute situations outside office hours, patients receive treatment at the joint emergency clinic. The Crisis Center helps in acute, stressful life situations, while the Kuopio Psychiatry Center offers treatment and rehabilitation services based on a referral from a physician. Depression, anxiety, and psychosis are the most common causes for seeking treatment.


Appointments can be made with the unit in Viestikatu in Kuopio, as well as with the units in Vehmersalmi, Karttula, Nilsiä and Maaninka. Various individual, family and group therapies and medication are utilised in the treatment. The adult psychiatry intensive outpatient care working group provides intensive, fixed-term outpatient care. In addition, family and network work is performed in homes, taking children into account.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation uses individual rehabilitation counselling as well as discussion and activity groups. Access to the groups can be applied for through the employee doing the treatment. The Kipinä rehabilitation working group offers intensive rehabilitative support and training to cope in everyday life for rehabilitees whose ability to function has been impaired in several areas of life.

The Rehabilitation Unit

Tukiporras, a rehabilitation unit with six beds, operates round the clock on weekdays. It provides fixed-term examination and rehabilitation periods for mental health rehabilitees who need help coping with everyday life.

Group Homes

Group homes are intended for rehabilitative support housing. The group homes in Päiväranta have six beds for women and three for men.

Contact Information

Appointments and rehabilitation services
Kuopio Psychiatry Center, Visitors' address: Viestikatu 1–3, floor 3 and 4, 70600 Kuopio
Mon–Thu 8 a.m.–3.30 p.m., Fri 8 a.m.–2.45 p.m.
tel. (+358) 17 175 190
fax (+358) 17 175 388

Postal address: PL 400, 70029 KYS

Intensive Outpatient Care Working Group
Kuopio Psychiatry Center, Viestikatu 1–3, floor 4
Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
tel. (+358) 44 717 6022, Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

Kipinä Rehabilitation Working Group
Kuopio Psychiatry Center, Viestikatu 1–3, floor 4
Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
tel. (+358) 17 175 190

Rehabilitation Unit Tukiporras
Kullervonkatu 18 A
Open 24 hours on weekdays
tel. (+358) 17 175 964
fax (+358) 17 175 976

Vehmersalmi Health Center
Vehmersalmentie 10, 71310 Vehmersalmi
Thu–Fri, tel. (+358) 17  175 190

Karttula Health Center
Hoitotie 20, 72100 Karttula
Mon–Fri, tel. (+358) 17 17 5190

Nilsiä Health Center
Nilsiäntie 78, 73300 Nilsiä
Mon–Fri, tel. (+358) 44 717 9525 / 44 717 9524

Maaninka Health Center
Satamatie 10, 71750 Maaninka  
Mon–Fri, tel. (+358) 44 717 9521 / 44 717 9522


Jarmo Pajula
Chief Physician
tel. (+358) 44 717 5919

Merja Rissanen
tel. (+358) 44 717 5916