Rehabilitation services promote the patient's health, ability to function, and ability to work. The Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitation assesments, offers medical rehabilitation, and gives guidance to patients with impaired mobility, and those needing rehabilitation.

Patients with various musculoskeletal system problems form the largest client group of the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Patients suffering from long-term and difficult pains are treated at the Pain Clinic.

The Occupational Medicine Outpatient Clinic performs examinations for occupational diseases and assesses their impacts on ability to work. The Respiratory Paralysis Unit co-ordinates the care of respiratory paralysis patients outside the hospital.

Contact Information

Olavi Airaksinen
Chief of Rehabilitation Service Unit
tel. (+358) 17 173 450

Timo Miettinen
Chief Physician, rehabilitation
tel. (+358) 17 173 108

Annmari Kainulainen
Director of Nursing
tel. (+358) 44 717 8637

Eija Suvela
Secretary, administration
tel. (+358) 44 711 3117

Occupational Medicine Outpatient Clinic
Tue & Thu 8 a.m.-3.30 p.m.
Ward Secretary tel. (+358) 44 711 3115, Tue & Thu 8 a.m.–11 a.m.
Puijo Hospital, building 6, floor 1

Respiratory Paralysis Unit
Head Nurse tel. (+358) 44 717 5622
Puijo Hospital, building  6, floor 6