Rehabilitation Evaluations

The Rehabilitation Evaluation Outpatient Clinic and ward draft rehabilitation evaluations and plans for patients with multiple conditions. In addition, the outpatient clinic has a rehabilitation counsellor for adult patients with impaired mobility.

Rehabilitation evaluations, conducted on a physician's referral, are based on a multidisciplinary assessment, which forms the basis for a medical and professional rehabilitation plan. The rehabilitation evaluation always includes meetings with a physician and a social worker, but the full plan is determined individually.

  • A physician defines the impacts of the illness or injury on the abilities to function, learn and work, as well as rehabilitation possibilities.
  • In turn, a social worker maps the patient's social background, life situation, and possibilities for going out to work.
  • A psychologist clarifies mental condition and limitations, as well as rehabilitation measures that support the patient's motivation and resources for working, training, rehabilitation, and life management.
  • Physiotherapists and occupational therapists define the strengths and restrictions of the patient's performance and ability to function.

Inpatient care

Rehabilitation can be supported, additional clarifications made, and rehabilitation plans drafted during a treatment period at the Puijo Hospital ward. These periods last eight to ten days and include physical and occupational therapy and guidance focusing on the rehabilitee's activation.

Counselling visits

Rehabilitation can be in connection with individual psychological guidance and counselling or adjustment training taking place in a group. The support can include short-term therapy or monitoring visits.

Contact Information

Rehabilitation Evaluation Outpatient Clinic
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Rehabilitation Ward
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