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Medical Education

Medical Education

In terms of admissions, Kuopio University Hospital is also Finland's largest trainer of physicians. At any one time, nearly a thousand medical students doing undergraduate or specialist studies will be working at the hospital.

Medical training has long traditions in Kuopio, which is renowned for its high quality and practical approach. Students do a great deal of patient work, while hospital staff are fully committed to the teaching.

The main objective of undergraduate medical training at the hospital is to teach practical work and manual skills. This is what makes the medical training at Kuopio special, and is its greatest strength.

Kuopio University Hospital has several vacancies for specialising physicians, although numbers are controlled to ensure the best possible training. Keeping the number at a reasonable level ensures sufficient time for personal instruction. Care services at the university hospital cover all medical specialities.

The educational pathway leading to a doctorate at the University of Eastern Finland has been completely modified. The Doctoral Programme of Clinical Research is implemented at the Graduate School of Clinical Research run by Kuopio University Hospital and the University of Eastern Finland.

Practical training


An intern (amanuenssi) is a student carrying out practical training as a mandatory part of the Licentiate of Medicine Degree program, or intern conducting clinical practice in a hospital during a clinical course. A participant in this practical training program is simultaneously a trainee, an intern and a student who receives hands-on guidance and applies theoretical knowledge acquired during an academic course.

The goal of the practical training is to acquire new skills and abilities required from a Doctor of Medicine. An intern, however, as a student may not take responsibility to treat patients independently, therefore a hospital devises internship instructions and assigns persons in charge for internships in each subject of studies. Interns, being hospital employees, are also required, as a part of the ongoing internship, to carry out routine tasks they already have skills to perform. The clinic duty and working hours' arrangements vary from clinic to clinic and upon the established practices.

The aim of the practical training is to provide medical students with an opportunity to acquire skills and familiarize them with

  • MD's practical work in hospitals and health centers
  • Segregation of duties among different occupational groups in health care
  • Practical application of skills acquired during academic studies as well as performing GP-level procedures

Duration of practical training

For all students the duration of mandatory practical training is 4 months (24 credit points). An elective internship (one month, 6 cp) is also possible to include into the elective studies.

Practical training requires fluent Finnish skills.

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