Living Lab

New services for health technology are being developed at Kuopio University Hospital.

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) is now providing Living Lab services, which companies developing future health technology solutions can use to test their products and services in an authentic hospital environment. Our services focus on four areas:

     •    we work towards streamlining the testing process for medical devices and solutions at KUH

     •    we collaborate with companies during the development process for health technology innovations, such as mobile applications

     •    we conduct test runs for products and solutions during their development

     •    we coordinate clinical trials for devices

Currently, Living Lab is working with ten different companies on new health technologies and treatment solutions. There is growing interest in collaboration with companies. For example, we are collaborating with Monidor Oy on a clinical trial of an infusion monitor called Monidrop. With Healthcare Mobile Solutions Oy, we are making test runs of their mobile application for clients undergoing radiation therapy.

Test runs are made under professional supervision so that patient safety is not compromised. At KUH, companies can deal directly with two project coordinators, who are involved in test runs. Companies get valuable information of the usability of their solutions and the Kuopio University Hospital District Municipal Federation has an opportunity to use the latest services, which may improve cost-effectiveness.

Living Lab is part of the KUH and City of Kuopio health technology project. The aim is to boost innovation, also within the hospital, and promote the development and commercialisation of innovations. At the same time, Living Lab promotes collaboration between specialised and primary health care. A key component of this project is to facilitate access to international markets for local companies.

The Living Lab project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo, City of Kuopio and the Kuopio University Hospital District Municipal Federation.

Contact Information

  • Project Coordinator, Merita Kaunisto, MSc, merita.kaunisto (at)
  • Project Coordinator, Kirsimarja Metsävainio, MD, kirsimarja.metsavainio (at)
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