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The Kuopio University Hospital District Municipal Federation has outsourced its patient care support services. Although outsourcing is expected to achieve both functional and financial benefit, the purpose is to offer the municipal federation cost-effective and competitive services, rather than create profit.

The joint authority enterprise Islab is in charge of the hospital district's laboratory services. Servica provides cleaning and maintenance services and catering, facilities and logistics services. The breast milk center also operates as part of Servica.

Information technology and medical technology services are provided by the Istekki company. Sakupe handles laundry and textile rental services, while IS-Hankinta takes care of the municipal federation's procurement.

The Kuopio University Hospital District Municipal Federation also has two affiliates, Kiinteistö Oy Mustinlampi and Kiinteistö Oy Isoharja. Kiinteistö-KYS is the housing company for the hospital district municipal federation and the City of Kuopio.

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