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Welcome to Kuopio University Hospital! We offer you the best health service with expert, individual, reliable and safe treatment.

We provide emergency treatment for anyone who needs it, regardless of nationality. Patient fees and service practices regarding non-emergency treatment vary, depending on the nationality of the patient. See Treatment for Foreigners.

Coming to the Emergency Department?

The emergency department at Puijo Hospital provides treatment round the clock to anyone who needs it. See Emergency and Prehospital Emergency Care.

Going to the laboratory or having an X-ray?

You can book an appointment online. Imaging studies are performed at several locations, with a separate x-ray department for children. See Laboratory and X-ray.

Have you made an appointment?

You will receive a letter informing you about the appointment with instructions on how to prepare for the hospital visit. Please remember to cancel if you are unable to come. For more information on what takes place during the hospital visit, see As a Patient.

Getting ready for childbirth?

Women in labour can come directly to the hospital's delivery room without a referral. See Instructions for Pregnant Women.

In hospital with a child?

We cater for the special needs of small patients. See Child Patients.

Visiting a patient at the hospital?

The hospital website provides information about the services provided and about parking. Please also read the Visitor's Instructions.