Inpatient Treatment

Patients requiring 24-hour specialised medical care and tests are treated on the inpatient wards. The period of inpatient treatment varies depending on the illness, but an average the treatment time is less than four days.

Please read the inpatient ward invitation letter carefully including any instructions. We may have booked laboratory tests or x-rays for you to take before admitting you in the ward.

At the beginning of the treatment period, we will make a treatment plan for each patient; this will be updated daily. The treatment plan includes the need for and objectives of treatment, the treatment provided, tests and procedures performed, and an assessment of the treatment.

Weekday clinics

Part of the inpatient care is provided in units that are only open on weekdays. These weekday clinics usually care for patients who have been invited for pre-planned treatment and who require short-term round-the-clock care and monitoring after a test, procedure or surgery. The weekday clinics do not differ from care provided on inpatient wards in any other respect.