Outpatient Clinics

Kuopio University Hospital's outpatient clinics have more than 320,000 patients every year. The common goal of the experts working at the outpatient clinics is to offer high-quality service to each patient. A visit may include various tests, procedures, guidance regarding further treatment, and counselling.

  • In most cases, outpatient clinic care refers to an appointment with a doctor. During the visit, the doctor concentrates on your patient information, your general condition and possible test and measurement results, home medication and symptoms.
  • A visit to the nurse may include support, guidance and counselling. Some visits may also include follow-up measurements or various tests related to the illness.
  • A visit to the outpatient clinic may also involve a procedure that is related to tests or treatment, and is prescribed and performed by a doctor. If the procedure requires preparations, the invitation letter sent to you will mention this separately and provide instructions. You will be discharged immediately after the procedure or after a short monitoring period once the necessary further treatment instructions have been given.
  • If additional or follow-up tests are required for the treatment or to confirm the diagnosis, these will take place during examination visits. Procedures include imaging studies, endoscopic examinations, exercise tests and physiological measurements. If the procedure requires preparation, the invitation letter sent to you will refer to this separately and include instructions.