Preparing for an Appointment

The invitation letter from Kuopio University Hospital contains the time and date of the hospital visit and provides any other special instructions to enable the patient to prepare for the appointment.

The invitation also includes instructions on how to register at the outpatient clinic. Your personal details and payment information will be checked at the outpatient clinic when you register. If you register via automatic registration, your personal details will not be checked at that point. In case you want them to be checked, ask for further instructions at the info desk.

A bill of the appointment will be sent to your home address.

Please reserve enough time for the outpatient clinic visit. The appointment time mentioned in the invitation will be adhered to as closely as possible, and the staff will inform you of any changes to it.

If you are unable to attend the appointment

If the appointment booked for you is unsuitable, please let the treating unit know as soon as possible. This allows us to give the appointment to someone else. Appointments that have not been cancelled will be invoiced.

Hospital treatment may also be prevented if you have an infectious disease, common cold, cough or fever. If you feel unsure about your situation, talk to the nursing staff before coming to the hospital.

What should you bring with you to hospital?

  • The invitation letter and any patient history form
  • Your Finnish Sickness Insurance (KELA) card if you have one
  • Child Welfare Clinic card for children
  • Maternity card for the maternity ward
  • Personal medication
  • Prescriptions for any current medication
  • ECGs, radiographs and laboratory results related to the disease
  • Information regarding any previous treatment
  • Customer fee monitoring card
  • Patient card (if you have one)
  • You may also bring your personal toiletries to the inpatient ward. The hospital is not liable for any valuables that go missing.