The Emergency Department is only intended for patients who need emergency care because of acute illness, injury or deterioration of a long-term disease. Please call our Customer Service number, 116 117, to check if emergency care is necessary.

When a patient is admitted, the nurse determines the need for and urgency of care on the basis of the symptoms. If the situation does not require emergency care, the nurse can refer you to a health center physician or provide you with treatment instructions to take home. Prescriptions are not renewed at the Emergency Department.

The Emergency Department provides treatment in all fields of medicine. If the symptoms require hospital care, the patient is transferred to an emergency ward, acute ward, inpatient ward or health center.

You will need the following at the Emergency Department

  • Your Finnish Sickness Insurance (KELA) card if you have one
  • Information about regular medication and allergies
  • Asthma sprays, eye drops, insulin

Foreign nationals coming to the Emergency Department

All patients needing emergency care will receive treatment, irrespective of nationality. Patient fees, however, vary according to nationality. See Treatment for Foreigners at Kuopio University Hospital.

Information on coronavirus COVID-19

At the beginning of the year 2020, an epidemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19 began in China. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) monitors the situation and updates the latest information on its website: Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates

If you suffer from respiratory symptoms but are in a good condition, you should not contact your local health center or the emergency services even if you suspect having a coronavirus infection, but you should stay at home and follow the general guidelines for self-care of respiratory infections, for example here: www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Contact your healthcare provider by phone or call our Customer Service number 116 117 only if you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or if your overall condition gets worse and feel that you are not able to function with self-care instructions. Please do not enter the hospital before you have received instructions over the phone.

Everyone, who suspect having a coronavirus infection or the influenza, must stay at home for at least a week from the beginning of the symptoms. If the symptoms last longer than that, you must stay at home for the duration of the symptoms and an extra day after the symptoms have disappeared.

Contact Information

In Case of Emergency
tel. 112

Customer service 24/7
tel. 116 117

Emergency Department
Puijo Hospital, A, door C

Emergency Ward
Nurses tel. (+358) 17 173 073
Puijo Hospital, A, floor 3

Acute Ward 4992
Puijo Hospital, C, floor 7
tel. (+358) 17 172 192

Emergencies (Pohjois-Savo region)