Kaari Hospital

The new extension of the Kuopio University Hospital, Kaari Hospital, is easily recognizable by its colourful and curved facade. The machines for self-registration are situated in the atrium, which runs the full length of the hospital.

  • Most of the outpatient clinics are located on the first floor
  • The Intensive Care Unit, the Maternity Ward and the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic are located on the second floor
  • The Surgical and Anaesthesia Units are located on the third floor
  • The Dialysis Unit, the Kidney Outpatient Clinic, and the Breast Milk Centre are located on the fourth floor

Outpatient clinics

Patients coming to an outpatient clinic register by scanning the bar-code on their letter of invitation. The machine also accepts the bar-code on your Social Insurance Institution (KELA) card or your driving licence.

After registration, you can proceed to the waiting area of your outpatient clinic, which is referred to in your letter of invitation. The waiting area for the surgical outpatient clinic is located at the far end of the atrium. The waiting areas of the other clinics are recognisable by the colourful forms of nuclei.
The registration machine will give you a number which will be used to inform you of when it is your turn. The screen on the wall will show you the time when, and room in which, you will see the doctor.

Women in labour

Women in labour and gynaecological emergency patients should enter (the) Kaari Hospital from a separate entrance, H-Door. When bringing a woman in labour to (the) Kaari Hospital, you should drive on to the Kuopio University Hospital premises from Puijonlaaksontie, via the junction between the multi-storey car park and the petrol station, and pull up at H-Door. There are short-term parking spaces nearby, but for long-term parking, you must drive into the multi-storey car park via Puijonlaaksontie.


The Surgical and Anaesthesia Units are located on the third floor. There are 26 operating theatres, and a recovery room that can accommodate up to 50 patients at a time. The majority of patients coming for an operation arrive at the hospital on the morning of their operation.

When you arrive for your operation, proceed to the third floor, and register using the self-registration machine. After registration, make your way to the changing room where you change into the clothes for surgery. After that, a nurse and, if needed, an anaesthetist, will interview you to make sure that the operation can be performed safely. A nurse will accompany you to the operating theatre. 

Arriving to Kaari Hospital

  • Bus-stops are located by the main entrance of Kuopio University Hospital and on Puijonlaaksontie
  • For people coming by bike, there is also a place to leave bikes near the car park
  • Taxi ranks are located opposite both the main building of Kuopio University Hospital and Kaari Hospital
  • If coming to Kaari Hospital by car, you can park in the multi-storey car park next to it