Patient Fees

The patient fees of those belonging to the Finnish health care system are based on the Act and Decree on Customer Fees in Social Welfare and Health Care. For further information on patient fees for foreigners, please refer to the Treatment for Foreigners section.

  • The outpatient clinic fee of EUR 41.20 covers all procedures performed at the clinic and doctor's appointments. If the patient is admitted to the inpatient ward during the same visit, the outpatient clinic fee will not be charged. The fee will not be charged for psychiatric outpatient care.
  • The day-surgery fee of EUR 135.10 is charged for a day-surgical procedure performed in an operating theatre requiring general anaesthesia, extensive local anaesthesia or intravenous medication.
  • Daily hospital fee for psychiatry, EUR 22.50.
  • The daily hospital fee, EUR 48.90, is charged for all days in hospital. Once the annual ceiling for payments has been reached, the fee is EUR 22.50. If the patient is transferred directly to another hospital, the day of the transfer is not invoiced. In the case of patients under 18, the daily hospital fee will be collected for seven days per calendar year, after which the inpatient ward care is free of charge.
  • A fee for serial treatment, EUR 11.40 per treatment time, will be collected for 45 treatment times per calendar year at most.
  • Fee for rehabilitation treatment is EUR 16.90.
  • Charge for a booked examination or appointment that has not been used/cancelled, EUR 50.80. If you do not have a justifiable reason, a fee can be charged for an appointment that has not been cancelled.
  • The charge for medical certificates and statements is EUR 50.80, while A-certificates required for a driving licence cost EUR 61.
  • Fee for day or night care, EUR 22.50.

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