Patient Fees

The patient fees are determined in accordance with the Act and Decree on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare.

The outpatient clinic fee of 41.20 euros is charged to a person who is at least 18 years of age and examined or treated at the clinic. If a patient, following an outpatient visit, is hospitalized during the same day, no outpatient clinic fee is charged.  No fee is collected for psychiatric treatment of outpatients or from war veterans.  A fee of 33.00 euros is charged for a remote appointment corresponding to an outpatient visit from persons who are at least 18 years of age. 

A walk-in surgery fee of 135.10 euros is charged for same-day surgery that is performed in an operating theatre and requires general anaesthesia, extensive local anaesthesia or medication to be given intraveneously.  A walk-in surgery fee is also charged to a person under 18 years of age, unless the procedure has been performed in an outpatient clinic.  No fee is collected from war veterans.

If a person who has undergone walk-in surgery stays at the location of the treatment due to a complication or a similar reason, until the day after the operation, he/she will be charged an additional daily bed fee of 48.90 euros.

The daily fee for psychiatric treatment is 22.50 euros.

A daily bed charge of 48.90 euros is collected for all treatment days.  Once an upper limit has been reached, the charge is 22.50 euros per day.  If the patient is transferred directly to another hospital, the day of departure is not invoiced.  Daily bed charges are collected from under 18-year-olds for 7 days in a calendar year, after which in-patient care is free of charge.   If a minor has had bed-days in hospitals other than KYS (Kuopio University Hospital), please advise the invoicing department of this.

A serial treatment fee of 11.40 euros is collected for a maximum of 45 treatments per calendar year from persons 18 years of age and over.  If the appointment for serial treatment is connected to an outpatient clinic appointment, then, in addition to the outpatient fee, a serial treatment fee is also charged. Please advise the invoicing department about serial treatment that has been given anywhere other than at KYS (Kuopio University Hospital).  A serial treatment fee is not collected from war veterans.

The rehabilitative treatment fee is 16.90 euros.
A missed examination or appointment which is not cancelled costs 50.80 euros.  The fee may be charged to a client who has reached the age of 18 years and above in accordance with the criteria laid down in the regulations.

Medical certificates and reports up to a maximum of 50.80 euros are charged in accordance with the collective agreement in force at the time.  Driver’s license certificate at most 61 euros.

Day or night treatment fee 22.50 euros.

Requests for patient records:  You may view your personal medical data in the ‘My Kanta Pages’ online service at    You may also order copies of your information from the medical records centre.  The copies are free of charge.

Photocopies of imaging examinations:  You may order a record of imaging examinations, such as X-ray photographs, on a CD from the medical records centre.   The CD costs 13.39 euros and will be delivered to the address indicated by you.

Medical report fees

Medical certificate and medical report fees Specialising physician fee/€ Medical specialist increase 50%
Medical reports    
Brief report 14.19 21.29
Comprehensive report 16.22 24.33
Report on legal capacity 24.33 36.50
Accident reports (Medical statement E)    
Standard medical certificate 10.14 15.21
Comprenhensive report 17.74 26.61
Extensive and time-consuming medical report 24.33 36.50


The maximum fee for a medical certificate is 50.80 euros (Decree on Client Fees, Section 23§).
A report written for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining the right to drive may be charged at a maximum of 61.00 euros.

Medical reports for judicial trials

(Government Decree 862/2004, Section 2§)

•    20.00 euros when the report is written based on a previous examination or medical record
•    32.00 euros when a person is examined for the purpose of a report, by order of an authority.

Further information on medical report fees

Paper invoice, e-invoice or direct payment

Client invoices are sent to the payer afterwards either as a paper invoice, e-invoice or direct payment.  If a client wishes to have his/her client invoice as an e-invoice, he/she will need to make an e-invoice agreement with his/her own on-line bank.  The invoice clerk can be found in the web bank under the name of Pohjois-Savon sairaanhoitopiiri (Hospital District of Northern Savo) or Kuopion yliopistollinen sairaala (Kuopio University Hospital), the subject of the invoice shall be Health care client fees.  You may use direct debit by making a direct payment agreement with your own bank. 

Further information on correction of an erroneous client invoice and rectification


If a client has not made an e-invoice agreement or a direct payment agreement and has used the OmaPosti  online service offered by Posti, the client invoice will be delivered to the electronic mailbox, if Pohjois-Savon sairaanhoitopiiri (Hospital District of Northern Savo) has been selected as the sender or, alternatively, the selection has been made automatic for all senders.  In this case the invoice will not be sent in paper form.  

In addition to the client invoice the patient invitation and other patient letters are also delivered to the electronic mailbox.   The use of OmaPosti requires strong authentication, when the user account is being created.

If no selection of the sender at OmaPosti has been done, all the letters will be delivered both in a paper form as well as electronic copies to OmaPosti.  
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The users of OmaPosti may get in contact via their OmaPosti application, from the ‘Customer Service’ menu.


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