Annual Ceiling and Free Card

The annual ceiling for municipal social and health care payments is EUR 683 per calendar year. Once the annual ceiling is reached, the patient no longer needs to pay patient fees for the remainder of the calendar year.

The following are included in the annual ceiling

  • Outpatient clinic fees
  • Day-surgery fees
  • Fees for series of treatment
  • Daily fees for short-term institutional care
  • Annual fee and visiting fees of the health center
  • Individual physiotherapy fees
  • Night and day care fee
  • Fees for rehabilitative treatment

Fees for children under 18 are taken into account in the guardian's annual ceiling. Monitoring the fees is the responsibility of the patient.

The following are not included in the annual ceiling

  • Fees for home care, home health care and specialised medical care provided at home
  • Fees for dental care
  • Fees for medical certificates
  • Fees for long-term institutional care
  • Fees for outpatient clinic visits that have not been used or cancelled
  • Fees for private health care
  • Fees paid for from social assistance
  • Fees paid for statutory insurance

Free Card

  • Once the annual ceiling has been reached, the patient has the right to receive a free card
  • During the validity period of the free card, none of the standard fees will be charged
  • An exception to this is the fee for short-term institutional care, EUR 22,80 per day, collected from patients over 18