Annual Client Payments Ceiling

The annual ceiling for municipal social and health care payments is EUR 692 (EUR 683 in 2021). Included fees count towards the ceiling during the calendar year from January 1 to December 31, and it is the responsibility of the client to monitor when that ceiling is reached. Once the annual ceiling is reached, services included in the ceiling are free of charge for the remainder of the calendar year, excepting the short-term institutional care fee for stays at a bed ward; EUR 22.80 per every day of stay for patients over the age of 18.

When the annual ceiling is reached, the client must contact the institution or unit whose fees resulted in the ceiling sum being exceeded. For the purposes of this determination the fee is considered to have been incurred on the date the treatment took place. When the annual ceiling is reached, a certificate valid until the end of the year of issuance will be written for the client. Fees incurred by children under the age of 18 may be included in the annual ceiling of one of their guardians.

The following are included in the annual ceiling

  • Outpatient clinic fees
  • Day-surgery fees
  • Fees for series of treatments
  • Daily fees for short-term institutional care in health care and social services institutions
  • Service fees for outpatient care at the health centre
  • Night and day care fees
  • Fees for rehabilitative treatment
  • Oral and dental examination and treatment fees, not including dental technology expenses
  • Fees for temporary nursing at home and hospital services at home
  • Any fees incurred for services provided over a remote connection
  • Any fees covered under social assistance

Services part of the public health care service obligation but outsourced as a purchased service also apply towards the annual ceiling.

The following are some fees not included in the annual ceiling

  • Fees for medical certificates
  • Fees for ambulance services and medical transportation
  • Fees for private health care, assuming the service is not part of the public health care service obligation
  • Fees for long-term institutional care
  • Fees for outpatient clinic visits that have not been used or cancelled
  • Fees paid for by statutory insurance
  • Fees charged from non-residents of Finland that do not exceed the actual costs of the provision of the service

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