Patient Rights and Support

The operation of Kuopio University Hospital is regulated by the Health Care Act, the Act on Specialised Medical Care and the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients, all of which are available for perusal on the hospital wards. We pay special attention to patient safety and ethically sound care.

Patient register

The patient data systems and medical records form a patient register with confidential information. Only those hospital employees who take part in the patient's treatment may use the information in the patient register. Exceptions can only be made by permission from the patient or on legal grounds. Patients can ask for all the information regarding themselves by sending a free-form application to the medical records center.

Objections and complaints

Patients who are dissatisfied with their care or the way in which they have been treated have the right to issue an objection or complaint. Objections should be submitted to Kuopio University Hospital's Medical Director, and complaints, in free-form, to the Director of Medical Services at the Regional State Administrative Agency. A patient ombudsman will provide advice to the patients and their family members in drafting the objection or complaint.

Patient injuries

If a procedure or treatment injures the patient, he or she may be entitled to compensation in accordance with the Patient Injuries Act or Tort Liability Act. The patient ombudsman will provide advice on the appeal proceedings.

Medical Records

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