Hospital Priests

Hospital priests are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church with specialist training in hospital work. They are there for the patients, family members and staff. Discussions with the hospital priest concentrate on respecting human dignity, freedom of religion and integrity of the patients, family members and staff, and they abide by the confidentiality obligation set forth in the church and health care legislation.

You can call the Kuopio University Hospital priest directly or ask staff members to call the priest and agree on a meeting either in the priest's office or elsewhere at the hospital. You can also ask the priest to perform Holy Communion.

Orthodox Priests

Priests of Kuopio Orthodox Parish visit the sick upon request. The priests can be contacted any time of the day. In addition to talking with the patients, the priest may also administer Holy Communion in the Orthodox tradition. A separate prayer service will be held at death.


The hospital chapel is reserved for transference of patients who have died. You can reserve a visit to the chapel with the post-mortem examination department personnel who also have the reservation book for the chapel. You can also ask the priest to perform a service when the deceased is transferred.

Quiet room

You will find a quiet room on the fifth floor connecting corridor at Puijo Hospital. The room is there for everyone for quiet reflection irrespective of faith.

Contact Information

Sari Kärhä
leading hospital priest
tel. (+358) 40 484 8485

Maarit Koivurova
hospital priest
tel. (+358) 40 484 8487

Annamaija Louheranta
hospital priest
tel. (+358) 40 484 8486

Riikka Hakulinen
hospital priest
tel. (+358) 40 484 8484

From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays
From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends and public holidays

tel. (+358) 50 526 3768

Orthodox Priests
tel. (+358) 206 100 300
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