In Support of the Patient

Patient ombudsman

The patient ombudsman gives advice and guides patients and their family members in matters related to the patient's position and rights. If there are problems or any confusion related to the treatment or handling of the patient, you should first discuss the matter with the ward staff and supervisors, if necessary. In the case of possible patient injuries, please consult the treating physician or the namedcontact person on the ward who will help and give advice for further actions.

Data protection manager

The data protection manager follows and monitors the electronic processing and procedures related to customer information. In addition, this person takes part in the preparation of data protection and data security instructions, provides training on data protection and acts as support person for staff in matters related to data protection.

Social worker

A social worker takes part in the planning of the patient's further treatment and rehabilitation. Illness or injury has many effects on the patient's daily life. You can talk to a social worker about changes that have taken place in your life and any questions that arise because of the new situation. They will provide individual guidance and advice.

Rehabilitation counsellor

Rehabilitation counsellors act as contact persons between the home, hospital and employees taking part in the rehabilitation. Their task is to support the customers and their family members in changing situations. Services provided by rehabilitation counsellors are free of charge.

Contact Information

Marjo Kärkkäinen, social workers' foreman
tel. (+358) 44 717 6410

Jenni Allimaa, patient ombudsman (psychiatry)
tel. (+358) 44 717 9794

Kristiina Anttonen, patient ombudsman
(Somatic diseases and child psychiatry)
tel. (+358) 44 711 3570

Auli Mikkonen, data protection officer
tel. (+358) 44 717 6894