Patient Safety

  • is part of good treatment
  • covers the safety of examinations, treatment and equipment
  • also means that the treatment will not cause harm to the patient

You are safe at the hospital

The goal of the professional staff at the hospital is to guarantee the good and safe treatment of patients.  Treatment is planned in co-operation with the patient and possibly with family members.  Treatment forms are based on the best researched information available. We value your feedback as it allows us to provide you with care that concentrates on you as a patient. Violent behaviour is not tolerated at Kuopio University Hospital.

If treatment does not go as planned

Treatment does not always go as planned and it might even cause harm to the patient.  The responsibility for providing safe treatment always lies with the care personnel, so it is important to clarify what happened.

If the patient and/or their family members feel that a dangerous situation occurred during treatment, they can submit an anonymous notification using a paper form available at each unit, or do this electronically.

Patient safety is everyone's business

Patient safety is everyone's business and you play an important role in it.  Every hospital unit has a patient's notice board that includes matters that you can participate in and influence in order to guarantee good and safe treatment.

Contact Information

Kaisa Haatainen
Patient Safety Manager
tel. +(358) 17 173 311

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