Treatment for Foreigners

All people who fall ill or are injured in Finland are entitled to emergency medical and dental care, irrespective of their home country. Each patient is treated until they can travel safely back to the home country that is primarily responsible for their medical care and costs incurred.

Fees charged for the treatment are specified according to the patient's home country. The arrangement of medical care services can be based on European Union legislation or other social security or medical care contract that is binding on Finland.

Main principles

  • In the case of emergency and non-emergency care, the citizens of EU Member States, EEA states and Switzerland and foreigners living in Finland will be charged the same fees as people residing permanently in Finland.
  • A social security agreement with Quebec, Canada, covers medical care for those residing temporarily in Finland due to employment or studies. The contract also covers their family members. Thus, fees are the same as for Finns.
  • An agreement signed with Australia covers emergency medical care for those residing temporarily in Finland, in which case they will be charged the same fees as Finns.
  • People from countries other than EU Member States or contract countries pay for the actual costs of the treatment, both for emergency and non-emergency care.
  • Patients from countries other than the EU Member States or contract countries seeking non-emergency medical care must enquire about the possibility of treatment and agree on the arrangements in advance. Treatment costs must be paid prior to being treated.

Interpretation services

  • Interpretation services are available at Kuopio University Hospital
  • If you need interpretatiton services, let the staff know about it beforehand, if possible
  • If necessary, the service will be obtained from a private interpretation service with an extensive language selection

Health Tourism

More information about the health and medical tourism services in Kuopio region.