EU Citizens, EEA Countries and Switzerland

Citizens of EU Member States, EEA states and Switzerland receive treatment that is deemed medically necessary on the same grounds and for the same customer fees as Finns.  They may also use the non-emergency care services of Finnish public health care. In addition, they must be provided access to treatment in public health care under the same conditions as Finnish nationals. Treatment is provided according to Finnish legislation and treatment practices.

A patient can seek advance permission to be treated from their own country of residence already before treatment or pay for the costs of the non-emergency treatment themselves and apply for compensation afterwards. If the customer selects the specialised medical care treatment from another location or another EU country, EEA state or Switzerland, the maximum travel compensation is limited to the cost of travel that would be incurred from the trip to the nearest hospital providing specialised medical care.

Required documents

Patients must prove their identity with a travel document, such as a passport. People residing temporarily in Finland must hold one of the following documents:

  • A European Health Insurance Card with a country code
  • A certificate that temporarily replaces the European Health Insurance Card
  • A citizen of the Nordic countries or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can prove their right to treatment with a passport and proof of their domicile (address) in the home country.
  • More information about European Health Insurance Card