Citizens of Other Nations

Citizens of other nations and those who cannot present the required proof of their home country will be liable for their own treatment fees. Patients requiring emergency treatment will be treated until they are well enough to return safely to their home country. The actual costs of the treatment will be invoiced to the patient or his or her insurance company.

Specific insurance details are necessary to invoice the costs to the insurance company. In addition to recording the patient's personal details, address in the home country, address in and duration of stay in Finland, the hospital will take copies of the insurance documents and the patient's passport.

The treatment can be paid for in cash or against an invoice. Russian patients with a financial commitment from Satucon Oy form an exception. In such cases, the patients are not invoiced at the hospital. When the treatment ends, the patient receives a copy of the medical record.

Non-emergency treatment

In exceptional cases, Kuopio University Hospital can admit foreign patients who pay for their own treatment and require non-emergency medical care. Care for these patients may not in any way impede the treatment of the hospital district's own patients. These patients will always pay for the actual costs incurred from the treatment. The fee is charged in advance.