Self-paying Maternity Patients

At times, Kuopio University Hospital admits women giving birth who meet the cost of the service themselves. Enquiries about the possibility of doing so should be addressed to the chief physician of the Maternity Clinic, who can be reached via the hospital telephone exchange. The cost of the birthing package is EUR 6,000 and must be paid in advance.

The package includes

  • a vaginal delivery with pain relief or a caesarean section
  • no more than four treatment days after the delivery (a separate treatment day fee will not be charged)
  • treatment of the newborn at the rooming-in ward
  • the following blood tests if they were not taken at the Maternity Clinic: P-CRP (4597) haemoglobin, hematocrit, total red cell count, total white cell count, platelets (2474), ALAT (1024), HBs-Ag 1608 (1605), HCV-Ab (3815), HIV-AgAb (4814), S-TRPA-Ab (4942), cervixin GC (1506) and chlamydia (4807), MRSA (4358) Diphtheria, blood group and blood group antibodies and blood tests required during delivery and the first days following delivery.
  • a visit to plan the delivery if there are no other visits to the Maternity Outpatient Clinic in the course of the pregnancy.

The package does not include

  • outpatient visits for screening
  • outpatient visits to the doctor in case of a risk pregnancy or emergency visits to the labour ward
  • outpatient clinic fees
  • prenatal care days
  • treatment days in hospital exceeding four days following delivery
  • the paediatrician's fee (examination of the newborn)
  • any other costs incurred from the intensive care of a newborn
  • interpretation services