The Regional Fall Prevention Network

The Regional Fall Prevention Network (RFPNetwork) was established in 2012 in the Hospital District of Northern Savo.

The RFPNetwork is an open, interprofessional group with the aim of promoting prevention of falls and fall-related accidents in the whole area by supporting the introduction of evidence-based and consistent practices and guidelines.

The main objective is that the number of fall accidents will not increase in the area. These goals are pursued through consistent and evidence-based instruction, good practices and education.

In the spring of 2016 the RFPNetwork has grown to comprise 36 members from 13 organizations or groups of organizations and now covers the entire area of the Hospital District of Northern Savo. The voice of population comes thru the layman member.

RFPNetwork – interprofessional network

  • Professionals from
  • Pharmacy
  • Psysiotherapy
  • Nursing and nursing science
  • Nursing leaders
  • Medicine
  • Vocational education and universities
  • Patient safety
  • Nutrition

RFPNetwork produces free material 

RFPNetwork produces material to support the prevention of falls. Materials are meant for the professionals and the people.

The RFPnetwork has produced  Stay Up-guide. These guides provide information about fall prevention to everyone but especially to elderly people and their loved ones. These guides are also beneficial for the professionals who treat them.

RFPNetwork and Stay Up-guide received The International Safety Media Award in autumn 2016.

RFPNetwork collaborates with EIP on AHA in the EU

In the summer 2016 RFPNetwork joined to the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) network and there to the A2 Falls prevention group.

Contact Information

Tarja Tervo-Heikkinen
RFPNetwork chairman, Clical Nurse Consultant, PhD, RN

Networks and Partnerships

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