Kuopio University Hospital is one of the leading teaching hospitals in Finland. It is responsible for the qualification of a large number of skilled physicians and dentists, competent nurses and other health industry professionals.

  • A shared campus area with the University of Eastern Finland
  • Modern teaching facilities and equipment
  • Targeted, practical, and student-oriented teaching
  • Professional teachers
  • Student-friendly, multidisciplinary staff

Kuopio University Hospital is Finland's largest trainer of physicians on the basis of admissions. Each year, almost a thousand future physicians undertake their undergraduate or specialist studies at the hospital. The dental training in Kuopio is among the most sought-after in the national joint application. This is thanks to a modern teaching approach that emphasises the comprehensive care of the patient, and to a teaching clinic completed in 2013.

Kuopio University Hospital is a notable teaching hospital for students in universities of applied sciences or upper secondary education studying in the health care field. Over a thousand Finnish students and numerous international students practise at the hospital every year.