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Training in Dentistry

Training in Dentistry

Training in Dentistry

Kuopio University Hospital District is responsible for the clinical teaching in the University of Eastern Finland's dentistry programme. A modern teaching clinic, completed in 2013, is available where students can learn patient care, initially in simulation facilities and, as studies progress, at a dentist's surgery.

Dentist training in Kuopio is designed to provide for the comprehensive care of the patient. Future dentists learn the most modern techniques and technologies and all the necessities of a profession demanding tight procedures and great precision. A groundbreaking aspect of training is the attitude towards patient care and the perception of the patient's overall condition.

Customers are not simply made to sit down in the treatment chair – the visit begins with an interview and the formation of an overall view of the patient's situation. If necessary, this is complemented by observations of the posture and examinations of the cervical spine. Students are also taught to recognise skin changes in the face, for example. With a more comprehensive perception of the patient's condition, a dentist would be able to recognise a potential need to refer the patient for other treatment.

The University of Eastern Finland trains specialising dentists for all specialities. Options include clinical dental care with its several specialities, orthodontics, oral health care, and maxillofacial surgery.

The doctoral degree programme in dentistry is implemented at the Graduate School of Clinical Research run by Kuopio University Hospital and the University of Eastern Finland, and offers excellent international connections and network opportunities for the participants.

Training in Dentistry Contact Information

Contact Information

Jari Kellokoski
Director of Dentistry
tel. (+358) 17 173 884

Institute of Dentistry, University of Eastern Finland